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Sean Hayford Oleary Design

Web design for nonprofits, artists, and small businesses
Minneapolis + Northfield, Minnesota
(Minneapolis - St. Paul)

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Hi there. My name is Sean.
I make websites.

Or, more precisely, I can help with:

  • Full design and development
  • Implementation of a graphic designer's mockup
  • Migration of content between content management systems
  • Maintenance packages to keep your site up-to-date
  • Technical assistance for WordPress or Drupal DIY-ers

Read on to learn more or jump straight to some of my work


Sean Hayford Oleary

I'm a low-cost, independent web developer in Minneapolis. I also serve my hometown of Northfield, where I have been working commercially since 2005.

My design sensibility is clean and simple, which is widely useful for clients: for artists and nonprofits, their work — the most important element of the site — stands out clearly. For small businesses, their existing brand merges well with the look of their new website, giving an up-to-date look online, but ensuring clear recognition.

I always make sure that my sites are easy to maintain for clients who feel comfortable managing it on their own. For those who don’t, I offer maintenance packages to keep the site updated and formatted perfectly.

My specialties

  • WordPress content management system
  • Drupal content management system
  • HTML 5
  • Responsive CSS3 (mobile sites)
  • XHTML 1.1
  • PHP 5
  • MySQL
  • Adobe Photoshop CS5






+1 612 605 8837


I am available to meet in Northfield or greater South Minneapolis (Richfield, Edina, Bloomington).


Mail can be sent to me at:

Sean Hayford Oleary Design
PO Box 19585
Minneapolis MN 55419-0585
United States-Minnesota


Existing clients may log in at my billing site. Balances can generally be paid by PayPal or check.