Billing Policies

What I Charge

As of 01 January 2023, my standard rate for web design/development work is $175 per hour. Typical rush rate is $250. View my pricing page to understand examples of pricing.

What Is Billable

Any work on the website, meetings, and phone calls will be billed. Short emails may be waived from billing at my discretion. All work is rounded up to the nearest 0.25 hours. Any month where work is performed will be billed at a minimum of 2 hours.

These are the standard terms. Terms may be modified by mutual, written agreement of client and Sean Hayford Oleary Design.

Accessing and Understanding Your Invoice

All invoices from 01 January 2015 or later can be accessed through Freshbooks, my online accounting service. If you need a user name and password, contact me.

Invoices are sent digitally. For hourly work, detailed time logs are included within the invoice. You have the right to ask what any of these charges are for, or why they were necessary for your project. Fixed-bid projects will typically not include a time log, unless they include mutually agreed-upon changes to the scope.

When I Bill

Hourly work is billed at the end of each calendar month, or at the completion of a project, whichever comes first. Fixed-bid work is billed on 50% deposit at the outset and 50% after the site goes live.

How to Pay

Secure ACH (via Plaid) is accepted at all invoices, with no additional fee to the client. Credit cards (American Express, Visa, and MasterCard) are accepted on invoices of $2000 or less, with no additional fee to the client.

Checks are accepted for all invoices as well. Checks should be made payable to Sean Hayford Oleary Design LLC and sent to the address listed on your invoice.

When Payment is Late

Invoices should be paid within thirty (30) days of the issuance date. If payments are not received within 30 days, the following late fees may be assessed:

  • 5% compounded monthly

If a client specifically requests an extension on payment, this may be granted, and these fees do not apply. In the event of a legal challenge or dispute related to billed work, these fees do not continue to accrue.

Last updated 31 December 2022