Security Recommendations for Clients

Last updated 31 December 2020. Products that are specifically recommended have a symbol.

Protect your email account.

Encrypt your communications.

  • Enable HTTPS/SSL for your entire website — especially if you use a content management system like WordPress.
  • Use an email encryption services like Virtru to secure sensitive information
  • If you use public wifi, use a VPN service like Private Internet Access
  • Consider using an end-to-end encrypted messaging service like Signal or Apple iMessage .
    • Avoid using messaging services that the provider can read, like Facebook Messenger.

Manage your passwords.

  • Use a password manager like 1Password , LastPass , or PassPack
  • Use a unique password for every account, and make it random.
  • The password managers can help you quickly generate these passwords.
  • Don’t send a password over any unencrypted channels.
  • Remember, if you use the same password across multiple sites, a breach of one company‚Äôs passwords could open up all your accounts.

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